Listen to the Karma ODR-10 ->

Rob McNelley, Nashville session great, playing various guitars – all through the ODR-10 into a Deluxe Reverb.  No EQ or compression.

Karma ODR-10

Karma ODR-10 – meticulously modeled from Tim Pierce’s Nobels ODR-1 from the early 1990s.

The early Nobels and the Karma ODR-10 sound like an amp. Others sound like a pedal. Why spend $2000 or more when you can have the exact sound and feel of the originals?

Check out Tim’s comments in the video clips →


  • 9-18 volt operation
  • True bypass switching (the originals are not true bypass)
  • Premium quality plated through pcb
  • Meticulously assembled in the USA
  • USA-sourced parts when possible
  • Highest quality parts throughout
  • Custom powder coated and silk screened enclosure
  • Free shipping in the USA

What others are saying:

  • Hi! Man! The ODR and MTN pedals are insane sounding!!!! I gotta order another one of each!!! Wow!
  • Hi Greg, I just plugged this in and HOLY SH_T is it glorious. My other drive pedals are now very nervous. Many, many thanks!
  • I was a huge ODR-1 fan but the ODR-10 sounds noticeably better! It’s absolutely staying on my gig board.
  • Dude – This pedal is rockin’. Sounds as good if not better than my originals. Great job!
  • Wow. Nailed it. I just got this pedal today and I’m already thinking of ordering a second one!
  • Such a fantastic pedal! Will be replacing my Nobels ODR-1 BC, it sounds so much better!!
  • Another amazing pedal from Karma! Skip the vintage ones and just get this.
  • What an incredible pedal! It’s unbelievable how good the Karma ODR-10 is… Bravo, Greg! (And thank you, Tim Pierce!) Code cracked.
  • This pedal is sooooo good!!
  • The ODR-10 is amazing…. Unbelievable – everybody says their drives sound like an amp. This is the only one I’ve played that truly DOES.
  • This. Pedal. Sounds. That. Good.
  • The legendary, natural-sounding breakup quality of the 1990s Nobels originals somehow made its way into the Karma ODR-10…. The Karma ODR-10 is, in a word…superb!!
  • Killer pedal, man! Sounds as good if not better than my Original ODRs.
  • Man…you didn’t just nail it…you beat it! This thing sounds unbelievably great!…stacks perfectly with the Karma MTN-10
  • I know I’m not Tim Pierce or Tom Bukovac, but I have to say you really knocked it out of the park again with ODR-10! So dynamic and fun to play!
  • This is so, so, SO good! Thank you for making such incredible pedals!
  • I received the new ODR-10 today. Your pedal is, in a word, flawless. It is completely quiet both in bypass and on! It feels like an amp, not a pedal. The tone is to die for – it sings. Incredibly musical. So much better than any Nobels I’ve ever played. I’m beyond satisfied, I’m astonished. This is perhaps the only perfect pedal I’ve ever owned.
  • If you are on the fence about the MTN-10 or ODR-10….run, don’t walk. He is two-for-two in nailing two classic pedals. And if it were easy to do, I wouldn’t have 4 or 5 different takes on both of these circuits that I’ve sold after getting the Karma pedals. The difference-maker is in the ears of the pedal builder. Thanks Greg!
  • Amazing…Swapped the Nobels off my board.
  • Tim Pierce gave Greg @ Karma his Nobels ODR-1 to clone. The result is the ODR-10. And he nailed it. And very affordable and built like a tank unlike its predecessor.
  • The thing sounds magnificent. PERFECT edge of breakup for rhythm. Like a warm set of 6V6 or even EL84s.
  • Turning it up for solos and it got fatter. It did all those wonderful articulation things that driven power tubes do, with incredible fat ass clarity. I buy a lot of pedals – don’t recall being as knocked out by one right out of the gate.
  • I like the Karma so much, I ordered a second one. Stupidly good.
  • The Karma has a nice sweet top end that’s easy to dial in and the characteristic open sound for chord work is all there! Also does the pillowy thing for leads.
  • I have an Original 90s ODR1 and I’ve played a few others. The Karma is the closest I’ve tried to the best ODR1 I can remember.
  • I have a modern ODR-1 and …it always sounded muddy to me. This one sounds natural, articulate and full. Thanks!
  • Guy with two MTN-10s, two ODR-10s, ,and one MTN-Bass: “Run, don’t walk, and buy this pedal, you will not be sorry. Great tones from clean boost to perfectly tuned drive, wonderful for single coils as well as Rickenbacher lapsteels with horseshoe pups. Terrific company, amazing communication, A++”