Karma MTN-10

Our take on the venerable Ibanez Mostortion of the early ’90s

• Transparent, amp-like OD/Distortion

• Premium quality parts and plated-through pcb

• Meticulously built and tested in the United States

• True bypass switching

• CA3260 IC chip as in the original

• THIS is the one the Nashville guys are using!

• Custom powder coated and silk screened enclosure

• Flexible 3-knob EQ for wide ranging tone control

• Plenty of gain to push the front end of your amp

• Great touch sensitivity – highly dynamic

• 9v external power only @ 11ma (DC jack is on the side)

• Also fantastic as a clean boost


Premier Guitar Review

  • “The MTN-10 is producer Greg Droman’s take on the other green distortion box from Ibanez. Over the last few years, the original Mostortion MT10 Mos-Fet Distortion has gained popularity among tone hounds, and the price has gone up to near $400.
  • Droman decided to create a sturdier and more affordable solution. His MTN-10 mimics the same controls found on the Mostortion and uses the same CA3260 IC that’s found in the original.
  • When done right, it gives you just the right amount of compression and dirt without sacrificing feel.
  • I’ve always dug MOSFET-style distortion. When done right, it gives you just the perfect amount of compression and dirt without sacrificing feel. The MTN-10’s 3-band EQ is wildly interactive and really requires minimal tweaking. Simply start at noon and season to taste.
  • I found the MTN-10 to also be an excellent clean boost. It had plenty of full-range response and was incredibly reactive to dynamics. Once the gain knob went past 1 o’clock, there was a high-end sizzle which could be useful for ripping leads or long, sustaining parts. Without a doubt the Karma MTN-10 is a worthy torchbearer that surpasses the original in build quality, price, and availability.”

The Karma MTN-10, utilizing the original CA3260 chip but with higher quality parts, sturdier construction, and true bypass, excels where the original failed. See what some of our users have to say:

Rob McNelley (Joe Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, Delbert McClinton, Bob Seger, and many others) had this to say about the two Karma MTN-10 pedals he has:

“I don’t even know what to say…This pedal is fantastic! I got it today, and I was rewiring my studio, and decided to use it to test everything out once I had everything patched in. It sounded great! I was just running it through my Kemper. Then I pulled out one of my old Mostortion pedals and had the engineer tweak each pedal where I couldn’t see him tweaking, and it got to the point where I couldn’t tell them apart in feel or sound…. Then I pulled out an old deluxe reverb, and it nailed the sound through an amp as well.
But then……I started tweaking further, and started getting sounds beyond what the Ibanez Mostortion is capable of! Terrific low end definition. It sounds deep and muscular without losing clarity… And you can really dial in some really sweet vocal sounding lead tones. Man, you did a great job of recreating the Mostortion thing with all of the issues of the original units, solved. But this thing goes further. very inspiring pedal to play! Such a good sounding pedal that i needed a back up for my home studio! Thanks so much for making such a great piece of gear and sharing it with me. I’m already telling my buddies here to check them out!”

Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Pete Droge, Sarah McLachlan, and many others):

Dang Greg… Sold!! Your Karma pedal sounds great. Just returned home, settling in and plugged it in for the first time this afternoon. Immediate! Brings the guitar to life. And very timely for what I’ve been into lately. I’ve been using British Colorsound Overdriver design pedals as preamp boost to my overall signal. Could easily see using the Karma in the very same way. More tonal range and definitely helps the mids and overall fidelity jump out. Not to mention gain. Love it and it’s a keeper. And I will help spread the word!


Christopher Jones:

I just wanted to send a message to let you know how grateful I am that these are being made again! I sold my original when I thought the prices were too ridiculous to resist, and then, of course, they went up even more… I’ve missed it often ever since. I went with your version on the basis of the RJ Ronquillo video that showed up recently, and it’s everything I’ve been missing! I also noticed Danelectro was issuing a version of this, but their switching system is buffered and doesn’t stay on when power is removed–I place mine in loop switcher where the button isn’t immediately accessible.
Anyway, just expressing my thanks and showing some praise! Your amps look great, too!
Thank you, thank you!

Neale Heywood (Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham):

“The first thing I noticed with the pedal was how well I could still ‘hear and feel’ my guitars’ natural tone through the distortion – which in itself is beautiful – from warm subtle tube amp type saturation through to full blown shred mode. Great clarity and detail in every mode. And unlike most distortion pedals that I have tried or owned, this pedal does not rob you of the natural low end of your guitar so your sound stays fullrange. The three band eq is all bonus – not makeup!”


Joe Simms (Joe has two MTN-10 pedals and two Karma 20T amps!):

“Boutique sonic mastery at its finest! This pedal is a hand made work of sonic art, capable of generating a wide palette of tones- all incredibly musical. I also play Karma amps which are one of the best kept secrets in boutique tube guitar amps. Phenomenal company in a class of their own with world-class products and sound quality.”


Randall Turner:

Excellent Pedal. I have purchased and sold many many overdrives in the last 3 years and I truly like this one the best! It does have a really good tube overdrive sound to me. This gets in the Steely Dan type overdrive sound easily, and that is what I have been looking for. I have used it everyday since it arrived with multiple guitars and amps, all with great results. Capable of a huge variety of good sounds. Very inspiring pedal! The pedal shipped and arrived very quickly! Great Seller! A+++