Karma MTN-Bass (and guitar!)

Same great circuit as our MTN-10, with 8 tweaks to make it bass-friendly

Transparent, amp-like OD/Distortion

• Premium quality parts and plated-through pcb

• Meticulously built and tested in the United States

• True bypass switching

• CA3260 IC chip as in the original

• Custom powder coated and silk screened enclosure

• Flexible 3-knob EQ for wide ranging tone control

• Plenty of gain to push the front end of your amp

• 9v external power only @ 11ma (DC jack is on the side)

John Bohlinger of Premier Guitar says: “I find it get’s a real brother Duane thing with a Les Paul and a slide. Very transparent… plenty of bottom end”

Players love this pedal on slide, baritone, even pedal steel(!) as well as guitar…

Pete Thorn uses the MTN-Bass in this video as well as the MTN-10:

See what some of our users have to say:

“The Karma MTN-Bass is a killer sounding drive pedal that doesn’t sound like a lot of other drives. It’s based on the Ibanez Mostortion, but has been tuned for bass!”

“I got 2 of these pedals just last week because i like it so much. I can get an ACOUSTIC CONTROL370 sound by keeping the treble straight up , a little mid cut , and boost the bass . I usually just plug in my EFFECTS RETURN INPUT to bypass my bass head’s preamp . This pedal also gives a nice compression . It just makes the signal more tube like for me ……very happy with the KARMA MTN-Bass!”